Bromance (Taiwanese drama) costume analysis

Bromance is a Taiwanese drama series released in 2015. It follows a young boy, Pi Ya Nuo, as he becomes sworn brothers with the son of a mafia boss, Du Ze Feng. The only problem is Pi Ya Nuo was actually born a girl and her gender has been kept secret by her parents on the advice from a psychic this whole time.

I’ve seen 3-4 Taiwanese dramas so far, and they tend to have similar costumes. Bromance is no exception.

The best-dressed person – Ze Feng’s sister

The mafia boss also has a daughter, Zi Han, played by beautiful Mandy Tao.

As a mafia boss family member, she is supposed to dress with class. I really like most of her outfits. I think she’s the best-dressed person in this show.

Temperature-wise, she has a “cold” appearance, even though her hair is sometimes dyed warm. So it’s the right decision to dress her in blues, pinks, and whites on behalf of the designers.
Even when they dress her in green, it’s the colder “winter green” we’re talking about here.
I know that some people would like EVERYONE to know which brand they are wearing, but these Louis Vuitton earrings are too much, imo. 🙂

Zi Han also looks nice in white, black, and zebra/black-and-white striped patterns. 

I also usually like her accessories.

Check out the belt and the abundance of bracelets in this scene: 

The second-best-dressed person – Ze Feng

Zi Han’s elder brother (also the son of a mafia boss) is Ze Feng, the main male character in Bromance. I like his name, which means “maple leaf”, because his parents adopted him in autumn. 

This particular outfit – a mix of classical clothes worn with a leather jacket – is actually difficult to pull off. You need the right kind of shirt and the right kind of leather jacket. I think costume designers nailed it here. 

Most of the time, Ze Feng wears a sweater or a shirt with a jacket on top, occasionally wearing a coat or a raincoat. 

Ze Feng’s jackets: 

Ze Feng has a warm appearance type, so black looks good on him. I wish they dressed him in warmer colors more often in this show.

There was one sweater + jacket combo that I didn’t really like: 

I don’t think that the two blues look good together, sorry. Plus, a smoother t-shirt underneath would work better.

This shirt works well as a standalone piece of garment, though: 

A similar jacket looks nice with a turtleneck, in my opinion:

Ze Feng’s sweaters: 

Other outfits: 

And now let’s look at Ze Feng’s less successful look: 

First, I don’t like the black tank top. Second, I don’t like the length of the pants. Together, these two pieces give the outfit a cheap feel.

Pi Ya Nuo’s clothes

All in all, once Ya Nuo becomes Ze Feng’s assistant, her/his clothes look similar to Ze Feng’s and seem to piggyback off of his style. Oftentimes, Ya Nuo wears a jacket on top of a sweater, on tops of button-up shirt.

In general, Ya Nuo’s “assistant” outfits are quite nice.

Then there is another type of clothes that Ya Nuo wears when working in the hot dog stand/truck: 

I’d say it’s a neutral look: not bad, but nothing spectacular either.

I also really liked Ya Nou’s woman’s dressed when she/he dressed as a fairy (especially the accessories).

I could say more about other character’s clothes, but then I’d never finish this post 🙂 By the way, when watching this show I often wondered if they are not dressed too hot for people who live in Taiwan. But maybe the climate there is not as hot and humid as I imagine.

That’s it for the analysis of Bromance costumes. Next up is “best houses and apartments as seen in K-dramas”. Stay tuned!


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