Two Gong Yoo Dramas, Two Jarringly Different Costume Designs: Part 2

Please be sure to read Part 1. It’s about costumes in Coffee Prince. 😉

In Part 2, we analyze another K-drama starring Gong Yoo called Dokkaebi (aka Goblin, aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God). It’s a love story between a 900-year-old Demon and a young woman, merely a mortal, destined to become Demon’s Bride. There are all sorts of mystical characters in this show: the Grim Reaper, the child-protector Goddess, and others.

Although I was annoyed by the age difference between the Demon and Demon’s Bride, it was very nice in terms of costumes.

2. Dokkaebi

Right off the bat, the poster for Dokkaebi tells you it’s going to be quite a fashion show. I mean, look at that awesome grey coat Gong Yoo is wearing:

There are lots of sweaters, trench coats, demi-seasonal coats, and winter jackets in Dokkaebi. Most of them are just awesome. Let’s look at some of the Demon’s coats, shall we?

Gong Yoo has brown eyes, so dark grey-green looks good on him.
Please notice that nice dark grey turtleneck sweater.

Another coat + turtleneck sweater combo.
It’s a black coat this time 😉

I feel like the scene, in which Demon and Grim Reaper appear on a deserted country road to save Demon’s Bride from gangsters, is meant to be a showstopper.

What the Demon is wearing reminds me of the Russian Imperial military uniform. The only difference with Dokkaebi’s version is the lack of a collar as such. A matching turtleneck is used to compensate for that.

The uniform could be a deliberate choice, because according to the story the Demon was a military general 900+ years ago when he was still alive.
The slightly beige trench coat looks good on Gong Yoo.

The next coat that the Demon is wearing (on the left) is a different style. It gives me Sami vibes. (Sami are the indigenous people of Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsular. I grew up reading Sami fairy-tales, because our family lived on the Kola Peninsular, in the Murmansk region of Russia, at the time.)

Whoever designed the costumes for this show must really love their turtlenecks!
Another classical coat of Gong Yoo’s.
I wonder why they didn’t go for all browns here. Maybe they used black near Gong Yoo’s face to compliment his dark hair, which is slightly auburn. Or maybe it’s “just because”.
Again, they try to keep some black near the face. Notice how Gong Yoo’s hair color is slightly burgundy shade here.
This time it’s white that is used to add some coldness to the otherwise very warmly-colored outfit.

All in all, with rare exceptions, Gong Yoo has more of a classical style throughout the drama. He wears a lot of coats, trench coats, jackets, sweaters, and even traditional suits. However, let’s look at some less successful designs.

Not feeling it. Sorry.
It’s one of those “either hate it, or love it” outfits.

The Grim Reaper

Now let’s look at some of Grim Reaper’s costumes. According to the storyline, he is the “angel of death” who see deceased people off into their afterlife. He has two types of outfits in this show: professional clothes that he wears for work and casual outfits that he wears at home or when he is not working.

This is his professional “uniform”. You may have noticed his colleagues, other grim reapers, wearing similar clothes.

If we compare Grim Reaper’s everyday style with that of the Demon, we’ll see that Grim Reaper tends to wear very casual and modern clothes at home, while the Demon has more of a classical style.

Please notice Grim Reaper’s fresh and modern outfit (far right) vs the Demon’s classical shirt and pants combo.
Grim Reaper wearing ultra-modern “torn” sweater.
I really like it that this modern outfit actually makes him look like a priest of another religious authority.

The tunnel scene when Demon and Grim Reaper go grocery shopping echoes the above mentioned scene with the gangsters on the country road. However, it’s not coolness, but comedy this time. I love Grim Reaper’s coat in this scene.

When they add more light, you can see it better:

There is actually a “making of” video where you can see the jacket in its entirety 🙂

Love Grim Reaper’s shoes and socks here!

Grim Reaper’s costume analysis would be incomplete without saying a few words about his hat. In the show, the Demon bullies Grim Reaper and says that his hat is “stupid”.

I would not put it that harshly, but I don’t think the hat looks particularly good on him. 😐

The shop owner

The shop owner played by the gorgeous Yoo In-Na is one of the best-dressed people (alongside Deok-hwa) in the entire series. They often use bright red or hot pink stripes in her clothes, likely to compliment her bright red hair.

Notice how nice the light blue shirt looks with the slightly mustardy brown coat.
They often dress her in warm, “mustardy” colors. Love Yoo In-Na’s earrings here, too.
This is her only outfit I have doubts about. I think that (1) large geometrical segments look nicer on large people, and (2) both the coat and the sweater look big and puffy – I would make one of them more flat.

Demon’s Bride

There is not much I can say about Demon’s Bride, aka “the girl”, in terms of clothes. Although she is the female lead, many viewers commented that the love story between her and the Demon was not very believable.

Most of the time, she wears teenager-like clothes, often wearing a school uniform. This only emphasizes the age difference between her and Gong Yoo, not to the story’s advantage, if you ask me.

Her outfits are quite nice for the purpose they service. So I blame the script for failing to make the romance believable.
Love this coat. The only thing is, this girl is supposed to be a poor, penniless orphan. But the coat she’s wearing looks rather expensive. Reminds me of the Dana Buchman coat I used to own years ago 🙂

That’s it. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!



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