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The things people do when being their true selves

You probably recognize this photo. It was taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt right after Japan surrendered in World War 2. Alfred recalls: “I was walking through the crowds on V-J Day, looking for pictures. I noticed a sailor coming my way. He was grabbing every female he could find and kissing them all — young girls and …

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Let me hear you laugh, and I’ll tell you who you are!

Dear reader, do you ever pay attention to the way people laugh? Well, you should and here is why. Sometimes even one word a person says can tell you a lot about that person’s character. But nothing is as telling as laughter.

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We’re all CONNECTED!

Dear reader, my dear person. How are you doing today? Did you know that you and I were connected? Perhaps, you won’t believe me. Perhaps, you think that you’re an individual individual, completely separate from others. But let me tell you… You and I… You and that anchor speaking on TV  in your room right …

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