The shaman that could not help me

My name is Tae-Wong, and this is my story. There is barely anything extraordinary about my life. Every morning, I wake up, shower, eat my breakfast and go to school. At school, I'm neither a popular kid, nor an outcast. I'm pretty average, tbh. In elementary school, I was popular with a certain type of … Continue reading The shaman that could not help me


Clémentin Agrees to Die

The next morning, Clémentin woke up with a splitting headache. His thoughts refused to fall in place. They would come and go, like waves that washed the shores of Mataró where Clémentin lived. The night before had been by far the worst in his recent memory. Clémentin sat up on his bed and rubbed his forehead. … Continue reading Clémentin Agrees to Die

Pain Eater’s Girlfriend: The Prologue

Aenuee stood guard to the portals and times when he noticed an algorithm by the name of Fralandin idly making his way through the stars. The guard sensed two conflicting tendencies in the algorithm that were mutually exclusive. On the one hand, Fralandin was oozing energy, ready to plunge into action at any moment. On … Continue reading Pain Eater’s Girlfriend: The Prologue

Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

Dear reader, with Series B, I begin a conceptually new cycle of short stories. I hope you like them. Thank you.  *** Leada was a happy child, for her life was a slew of one joyful experience after another. It was the time of year when the girls did a space project with Teacher. This year, each … Continue reading Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

And the Sun Rose in the West

To Indigo, my dear friend from S.  ON THE COLD November day Dahu was born, two unusual events took place. Dahu's father left for the mountains early in the morning never to return again. Nobody ever found out what became of him: his body was never located, nor did any news of him arrive  in the years that followed. It seemed … Continue reading And the Sun Rose in the West

A long journey to the sun

When my Soul woke up, it was still pitch black. No sound, light or other motion was to be sensed in the thick density of the existence. And the Soul thought, "Meh". As the very fist particles of light lit up the sky in the East, the Soul stood up and set out on its journey … Continue reading A long journey to the sun

The Day Nobody Watched Porn (eavesdropping in Tenafly)

Guy woke up in the middle of the night, startled by the distinct voice in his head, "System error alert... Gizem calling emergency meeting... Starting in 5 minutes..." Five minutes was enough for Guy to adjust his pulse, look around the room and make sure that little sis Amber was fast asleep. Mossac was the … Continue reading The Day Nobody Watched Porn (eavesdropping in Tenafly)

A Story That’s Never Been Told

- Why do people hate us so much? - said Fellen as if to himself. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning. He and Xenell were sitting on the rooftop of the Marriott Marquis hotel, watching hurried people rush to over-crowded restaurants for some Sunday brunch. Being the shrewd being that he was, Xenell realized that … Continue reading A Story That’s Never Been Told

The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)

"I have an idea", flashed in Gizem's mind. It was Yasis. Gizem woke up and sat up on his bed, concealed by the darkness of his vast bedroom. The lights on the terrace that overlooked the sea were shimmering softly outside the big glass window. "Call an emergency meeting", said the voice of Yasis in … Continue reading The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)

The Wind

Soft wind was blowing from the North, the South, the East and the West, from all the parts of the world. Down on the sand lay a man, clutching a blood-steaked dagger in his hand. His teeth were tightly pressed  together, the man was breathing heavily. "Stupid wind", gnarled the man, "I don't want this … Continue reading The Wind