The “Kabhi” Connection

I like to get down to the original meaning of things. For example, the Russian word for "thank you", "spasibo", comes from "spasi (tebya) Bog", which means "God save (you)". It's just a short version. In English, we say "bless you", when someone sneezes, or use the longer version "God bless you", depending on the … Continue reading The “Kabhi” Connection


Top 7 Dimash Kudaibergen reaction videos

Back in 2015, I went to a singing contest in Vitebsk, Belarus. That was the first time I lay my eyes on Dimash Kudaibergen, an extraordinary singer from Kazakhstan. Fast forward to 2017, Dimash won the "I am Singer" reality show in China and shocked the audience with his S.O.S. song. And now voice coaches, opera … Continue reading Top 7 Dimash Kudaibergen reaction videos

Why Is Wednesday a “Rain Day”?

The Japanese have a complex writing system. In addition to two alphabets, they also make ample use of Chinese hieroglyphs. But, if learning Chinese writing is difficult in itself, it becomes twice as difficult in the Japanese language, because each symbol has two "names", a native Japanese name and a borrowed Chinese name. Sounds crazy, … Continue reading Why Is Wednesday a “Rain Day”?

Yours, Daniel Rayner – Upcoming Novel

Hello, hello... Well, although, in my previous post, I promised not to write anymore, you should realize that that was the uncut version, and one that I wanted to post when I was fully resolved to quit blogging. 😉 Which is no longer the case. Ukrainian artist Tatyana Glebova did this amazing illustration (above) for … Continue reading Yours, Daniel Rayner – Upcoming Novel

The New Age – What It Really Is (uncut edition)

[This is the uncut edition of the stream-of-consciousness piece which I wrote this spring and never published - until now. So, it probably contains typos and some gibberish writing. Please have patience with me] OK guys, I think this will be my last post on this blog. After you read it, ~I’m sure you will … Continue reading The New Age – What It Really Is (uncut edition)

7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers

In no particular oder... Enjoy! Philip Wesley The new Rimsky-Korsakov. A.R. Rahman I am happy his star has risen, as it should have. Hans Zimmer Can't say I like all pieces by Hans Zimmer, but this one is moving. Deuter This "Memories of an Angel" piece is so touching; I try not to listen to … Continue reading 7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers

Mass Shootings of 2012: Who Is Really to Blame?

In a society that fosters violence, it's not surprising at all that some of its members become well-accustomed to it and begin thinking they are part of a movie, a video game, or a news footage. Breivik said he had been playing violent video games to prepare himself for the shooting. At least 2 mass … Continue reading Mass Shootings of 2012: Who Is Really to Blame?

Disclosing all disclosures – disclose yourselves

Oh, my, so tired of all these red-hot news flashes, fear-loaded wikileaks, shocking horrible truths, and stuff. Ok, I'd like to make my position on ALL THIS THEATRE very clear. This is being done to SCARE you , dear audiences. To disseminate fear. Every morning and night, a group of highly trained professionals inject a … Continue reading Disclosing all disclosures – disclose yourselves