Limitations of Linear Thinking

If I am ignorant, I am in the dark. If I am learned, I am in even greater darkness. ~ paraphrasing the Vedas. Linear thinking is a way of, first of all, learning things. And, second, of performing cognitive operations with the things you have learned. Cognitive operations are analysis, synthesis, comparison, etc. If both … Continue reading Limitations of Linear Thinking

The Day Nobody Watched Porn (eavesdropping in Tenafly)

Guy woke up in the middle of the night, startled by the distinct voice in his head, "System error alert... Gizem calling emergency meeting... Starting in 5 minutes..." Five minutes was enough for Guy to adjust his pulse, look around the room and make sure that little sis Amber was fast asleep. Mossac was the … Continue reading The Day Nobody Watched Porn (eavesdropping in Tenafly)

The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)

"I have an idea", flashed in Gizem's mind. It was Yasis. Gizem woke up and sat up on his bed, concealed by the darkness of his vast bedroom. The lights on the terrace that overlooked the sea were shimmering softly outside the big glass window. "Call an emergency meeting", said the voice of Yasis in … Continue reading The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)