Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

Dear reader, with Series B, I begin a conceptually new cycle of short stories. I hope you like them. Thank you.  *** Leada was a happy child, for her life was a slew of one joyful experience after another. It was the time of year when the girls did a space project with Teacher. This year, each … Continue reading Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)

"I have an idea", flashed in Gizem's mind. It was Yasis. Gizem woke up and sat up on his bed, concealed by the darkness of his vast bedroom. The lights on the terrace that overlooked the sea were shimmering softly outside the big glass window. "Call an emergency meeting", said the voice of Yasis in … Continue reading The Shop Window Country (eavesdropping in the desert)

The Wind

Soft wind was blowing from the North, the South, the East and the West, from all the parts of the world. Down on the sand lay a man, clutching a blood-steaked dagger in his hand. His teeth were tightly pressed  together, the man was breathing heavily. "Stupid wind", gnarled the man, "I don't want this … Continue reading The Wind