Top 7 artist collaborations (list)

Every once in a while, I feel like compiling a list like this. For example, check out my 7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers  😉 I hope this will help some of you discover new artists or songs you may have never heard.  Enjoy!

MIKA and Chiara | Stardust

Chiara won X-Factor Italy and MIKA was the coach. What’s interesting about them (well, to me) is that they both have the Sun in Leo in their horoscopes frrrrrrrrrrr

Brett Anderson and Ilya Lagutenko | Scorpio Rising

I’ve known about Ilya Lagutenko and his band Mummiy Troll for a really long time. But only recently did I really get to like them. Ilya does amazing live broadcasts on Instagram, one day I almost cried from happiness when I caught their live broadcast from a Tokyo show and he was singing in Japanese..

But his one is a collaboration with a British singer Brett Anderson. And yes, my ascending (rising) horoscope sign is Scorpio wshhhhhhh

Jamie Winchester and Hrutka Róbert | Hide and Seek

This could be a good time to confess that Jamie Winchester is actually one of my favorite artists in the world. He may not be tremendously big, but for me he’s got this personality and this creative genius that should be known to more people, I believe.

MIKA and Fedez | Beautiful Disaster

MIKA and Fedez both judged the Italian X-Factor, and that’s how they met. A nice side effect was this quite interesting video.


Jamie Winchester and Baba Yaga | Secret Combination

Baba Yaga records are extremely hard to find these days. I used to own an audio tape (!) by them back in… not even sure which year. Jamie met this Russian folk band at some kind of festival and they decided to do a project together called “Baba Yaga”, which was this eclectic- and unique-style band for some time. Their songs combine really vigorous folk singing in Russian and Jamie’s vocal and rock music. I really like another song by them, but there isn’t a video for it on YouTube.

PITINGO, Farah Siraj and Dorantes | Leila

This is a HT to my Lebanese origins (if you know what I mean 😉 ) PITINGO is a Spanish flamenco artist who also sings in other styles, and does many joint projects with other artists. Don’t know why, but his personality amazes me. He started his life’s career doing something different, but I think he was destined to eventually become what he is nowadays. (I do hope someone will invite him to play an elf in a fantasy movie one day :)))


Muerdo and Lola Membrillo (Perotá Chingó) | Semillas

In one interview, Muerdo said that his stage name literary means “a bite” in Spanish, but it’s another word for “a kiss”. I believe he has a great voice and a lot of expressiveness. In this feature he sings together with Lola Membrillo (aka Perotá Chingó).


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