Pain Eater’s Girlfriend: The Prologue

Aenuee stood guard to the portals and times when he noticed an algorithm by the name of Fralandin idly making his way through the stars.

The guard sensed two conflicting tendencies in the algorithm that were mutually exclusive. On the one hand, Fralandin was oozing energy, ready to plunge into action at any moment. On the other hand, since he had completed the previous task too early, he reasoned – why not snooze around space for a little longer. And so he advanced, taking two steps forward, and one step backward. Until the cybernetic inertia and his craving of action brought him to the gates of Aenuee.

“Hey, Fralandin, lazy bones. Why don’t you make yourself useful?” asked the guard without saying a single word.

” Who is lazy bones? I assume you realize that I came to you at my own will, and you didn’t have to summon me. Swoosh-swoosh”, the energies inside Fralandin accelerated the way a person who wants to go to the bathroom becomes really desperate upon crossing the threshold of their apartment. Aenuee realized he’d better give Fralandin a task as soon as possible before he’s torn apart by the swirling of frequencies in him.

“All right, buddy. Can you see that vacuum, #PAX174? The Pain Eaters over there have too much on their plate, they are barely making it. It’s an interesting place, I bet you will love it. It’s relatively young and is in the process of transitioning to another level. So, we’ve been noticing many anomalies. Can you help them out? Can you see what’s going on over there?!”

All the energies inside Fralandin started to move at an accelerated pace. He was spilling fountains of energy all over the Nearport. And, once the acceleration had reached its climax and his focus on portal #PAX174 had become absolute, like an arrow, Fralandin’s essence darted in the gate’s swirling spirals.

And he vanished out of Aenuee’s sight completely.


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