Yours, Daniel Rayner – Upcoming Novel

Hello, hello…

Well, although, in my previous post, I promised not to write anymore, you should realize that that was the uncut version, and one that I wanted to post when I was fully resolved to quit blogging. 😉

Which is no longer the case.

Ukrainian artist Tatyana Glebova did this amazing illustration (above) for my upcoming novel, “Yours, Daniel Rayner”

The novel is based on various dreams that I’ve had in the past few years. Even the main character of the novel, Daniel, is a person from one of my dreams.

There’s a Russian-language short variant available online. I really want to translate it into English, hopefully in a few weeks’ time.

Besides, there’s another work I have in mind. It’s called “Pain-Eater’s Girlfriend”.

The story is as follows.

The story is set in New Jersey. Alison Page is an ordinary schoolgirl who is prone to unexplainable fits of depression.

One day, a bike accident makes her cross paths with Takeshi Yokimura, the most mysterious boy in their school. Takeshi used to be bullied a lot because if his extraordinary intellect. But after four boys beat him up and get into a horrible car accident immediately after that, everyone begins to be frightened of Takeshi and he doesn’t have any friends.

After Takeshi helps Alison in the bike accident, he acts as if he is her boyfriend. Little by little, Alison realizes that Takeshi is not only a freak, but also is not even human. He’s part of the pain processing algorithm that got incarnated on Earth in order to solve tricky causes of psychic pain. He’s after Alison because of her inexplicable depression attacks.

So, which one do you think I should complete first? 😉



  1. I love the idea of a story created from dreams, though Pain-Eater sounds really intriguing, so that would be my first choice!

  2. For some reason I knew that you will return, and trust me I was disheartened to see that the previous post was supposed to your final post but I don’t know why I had this gut feeling there will be something coming soon, going by your personality I had somehow believed that she might not return ever again. But yes I am so happy to see you back. I am avid reader of your writing and I hope to get some new and interesting posts from you out of your busy schedule. 🙂

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