Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

Dear reader, with Series B, I begin a conceptually new cycle of short stories. I hope you like them. Thank you. 


Leada was a happy child, for her life was a slew of one joyful experience after another.

It was the time of year when the girls did a space project with Teacher. This year, each student was to create a spacefly (with her mind, using the generator of nano particles), equip it with the necessary instincts and fly it all the way to Mars.

It was exciting to watch your spacefly appear from the generator and keep your fingers crossed while it was en route to Mars, hoping you had programmed it correctly to avoid obstacles. If anyone’s spacefly committed a mistake, the computer produced a report with possible oversights. Sometimes, reasons stated were “unknown obstacle”, “undetectable factor” or others you couldn’t improve on.

One morning the students were headed for the laboratory – and what a beautiful morning it was! All adults in the research center were giving the girls delighted looks. Leada was born into a generation where kids were admired and considered somewhat superior to adults.

Just before that, a cultural revolution took place: adults admitted they had been steering progress in the wrong direction, and only a fresh perception could save the world. People started listening to kids more, trying to draw innovative ideas from them.

The new course lead to a rapid influx of scientific discoveries and new social projects. Leada was born when projects either proposed, or merely fantasized, by kids were beginning to bring fruit, and hopes were high among adults that kids could be the key.

It was indeed a great time to be a kid, because everybody viewed you as a hero. Leada loved the admiration and respect she felt coming from adults. She had already taken her course in Enhanced Empathy – a class that teaches you to perceive emotions of people within minimal distance from you. After you take the class, life becomes more exciting for you.

Leada noted, with joy, that she was paying adults her share of respect by doing her best, acting her best and looking her best. The girls and she had on their beautiful silver costumes with green emblems of the Galactic Research Center attached in 3 places: on the front and on both sleeves.

After the day’s practice, the girls retired to their dormitory. In the evening, they usually had a night out in the woods. They would make a fire and stargaze. Stargazing was another benefit of being on the space project. Leada loved it.


On one of those nights, Leada was sitting by the fire, watching Venus, wondering if she would ever cease to admire the planet.

Suddenly, she saw a shiny object fly across the sky, and it took Leada some time to realize it was moving unlike any space body she knew. The object seemed to have a consciousness of its own, because it was moving forward, then backwards and then to the side. Such free choice of trajectory intrigued Leada. All of a sudden, the bright obejct launched swiftly and flew straight into the woods. Leada gasped.

The girls turned to her. It seemed no one had been watching. “Did you see that?” asked Leada. The girls shook their heads, and Mara, the eldest of the girls, asked “See what?”

“Some  shiny thing just fell from the sky”, Leada pointed in the direction of the woods. “I wanna go and see what happened to it. Do you wanna come with me?”

The girls shook their heads. It was so warm and comfy by the fire.  “OK, please someone wait for me here”, said Leada and she walked towards the woods.

Right after she lost sight of her girlfriends and the campfire, she felt uncomfortable. Being alone, in the woods… An unknown ancient instinct came over her.

Leada had been walking for about 5 minutes when she saw another extraordinary thing. A shiny shape that looked like a human or an upright-walking animal appeared in the distance and disappeared behind the trees.

Leada shook her head and wondered if she was seeing things. Then suddenly the forest felt comfortable. As if some untraceable presence wanted Leada to relax.

Leada’s head and feet were beginning to get heavy . But then, wow… She clearly saw the same shiny shape even further away this time, and it was approaching her.

Leada could not believe her eyes. The creature looked like a fairy from the drawings of the famous fairy hunter, Ronis Selascu. Thing is, fairies almost never make direct contact with humans. They did appear to Ronis, because he spent 25 years trying to prove fairies had a language, which turned out to be a sign and metaphor language after all.

Leada was afraid to move or breathe. But she knew she had to be careful. From what she had read, fairies were not as sweet-tempered as believed previously. But neither were they mean.

Vessels to vector-free natural energy, fairies were like weather, storms and earthquakes. And like weather, they could do great good or great damage to you.

When the fairy was close enough, Leada saw that It was only semi-solid. Its body was quivering like a reflection of light on water.

The fairy had no distinct facial features, but It had a large head with bellflower-like things sticking out from the top. It also had rather big elvish ears. The rest of its shape was more abstract.

A rustling and jingling sound accompanied the fairy as It moved through the woods. When It got really close to the girl (and Leada was sure they fairy must have seen her by then), It started to slow down until it came to a full halt. The fairy was just standing there, quivering, and Leada could hear barely audible jingles.

Leada did not know what to do.

Eventually, after just standing there for 15 seconds, the fairy moved in the opposite direction. Leada followed the fairy on instinct, keeping some distance, until they both arrived to an open space at the edge of a hill.

There were several water streams running down the hill. They met at the foot of the slope and formed one stream that looked like a little river.

The fairy got to the edge of the hill and swirled on the spot, losing volume and increasing Its brightness, until It became a star-like bright shiny object again.  It then shot back into the air and flew across the sky like the UFO Leada followed initially.


As the soft jingling echo from the fairy filled the air, Leada got in incoming telepathic contact. Who could it be at this time? She projected the caller’s presentation card against the night sky, and saw it was a boy about her age.

She did not know the boy! This made her very curious, because she knew it was really difficult to telepathically contact someone you haven’t met in person. You’d have to be a genius to do that.

Leada picked up. The boy said:

 – Hello Leada, you don’t know me. My name is Shanzen.

Leada could sense that the boy’s frequency kept changing as he spoke. This was very unusual. It was a miracle he was able to keep the connection up and running. Leada started to have huge respect for the boy. Because they were in a telepathic contact, Shanzen could sense her confusion. He said:

 – I don’t want my frequency to be detected, because I’m being watched.. most of the time.

 – Why would anyone be watching you? Leada asked in amazement.

 – You will understand soon. There is something I want you to learn about the world you live in, Leada. There is something you don’t know about its recent history.

Leada could not detect any trace of modified truth in what he said, so she listened on. Shanzen sent her a zipped memory that felt really low-frequency, like her grandma’s memory from the sad terrible world that ended before Leada was born.

 – I’ve done my best to include just the facts, said Shanzen.

She accepted the memory and hesitated a bit before unzipping it. Eventually she did. And what she saw shocked her.

The Great Division. The world government decides there’s not enough resources to provide a high-tech lifestyle for everyone. So, they select a large group of people, about 10% of the population. The rest would provide for the 10%.

Leada saw that wonderful Item Factories where everything was produced by sheer psychic energy, according to mental blueprints… were powered from another world.

There is the invisible pipeline… Kids about Leada’s age live in poor conditions. They go to work every day. No time for research, discovering things or anything else.

To make a living, they’re forced to contribute their mind power to the central power plant. They are like modern-day Duncan Camerons, people in psychic chairs, who power the production of things in Leada’s world. For Leada world-people would never have time or resources for that.

-This can’t be!


-Good morning, Mr. Oldroy, the house echoed.

The morning was good and gorgeous indeed. Gizem walked out onto the white marble balcony and glanced over at the bright blue sea.

One never gets tired of searching for the ever-elusive “sea color”.

He got an incoming call from Kedler. Obviously, the latter knew he was awake. Gizem thought he missed the days when telepathy was reserved for the select few.

Margaritas ante porcos.

-Hello Kedler, what’s up?

-Mr. Oldroy, the delegation from the city of Haey, Alceon, Dimension Beta6 are requesting a meeting on Thursday.

-Tell them I can meet with them at 15:15.

-Will do. Over.


Gizem had a thing for numbers. 15:00 to 16:00 every day was his favorite time to take care of things. That was when he was feeling most relaxed. As were most people to his observation.

Suddenly, Gizem felt that Leada had entered the house. Something was wrong. He could feel unusual rage in her, and scanned her emotional field for other clues. There were none. Just pure rage.

The girl in the silver GRS jacket ran up the staircase and pushed wide open the doors of Gizem’s study.

-Father, we need to talk!

Only then Gizem could get her thought, something that was on the top of her mind. He groaned. Leada had learned the truth.



I started writing this about a year ago. Any resemblance to persons or situations living or dead is purely coincidental.

3 thoughts on “Series B: The Invisible Pipeline

  1. it’s a great story and I loved it , I have read it twice already and I loved the creativity here and its honest presentation about a girl with aspirations and ambitions. I visualized it like a movie and saw every frame one by one. gave me the impression of Christopher Nolan style movie. I always said you are great in writing , may be you should do this little too often. you wrote Leada leara twice , its alright , its typo , but it confused me with my imagination . I believe in UFO’S and to me it exist and I have always believed aliens have understood this world better than us humans. Ronis Selascu , Gizem and Shanzen gave me the impression of anime and manga characters . over all it’s a smart story and cleverly written. you have this talent of story telling and you can write a book also which can be a bestseller one day. and yes it’s your drawing and you drew it , it’s there and its visible. I can see it. Title itself , Series B : The Invisible Pipeline is intriguing

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