7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers

In no particular oder… Enjoy!

Philip Wesley

The new Rimsky-Korsakov.

A.R. Rahman

I am happy his star has risen, as it should have.

Hans Zimmer

Can’t say I like all pieces by Hans Zimmer, but this one is moving.


This “Memories of an Angel” piece is so touching; I try not to listen to it too much.

Shiv Kumar Sharma 

Although his “Water” piece is better known internationally

Jeffrey Thompson

They say he co-wrote his first album with the aliens

Philip Glass 

I feel there is certain deliberate element to his music, but nevertheless he’s rather good.


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  2. i enjoyed

  3. When it comes to music greats , one thing we see common in them that they never followed the rules from a book. they created their own signature style and had world dance on their tunes. they all got rejected by their own people and were an item of mockery when they started but knew if they persist to their style they will win this world over someday. i personally follow A.R.Rahman , Hans Zimmer and Shiv Kumar Sharma, i heard about Jeffrey Thompson and Philip Wesley. but my all time favorite has to be Hans Zimmer. his music is my style of music and being fan of batman films and his association with some great movies where he scored incredible background compositions , he has more influence on me. but never the less all the players in this list are music greats.i have always believed that music is one language you do not need to understand to communicate , it needs no borders , its just music.

  4. Good list! Some of these artists have been an inspiration to me and my own contemporary instrumental music. I don’t want to spam on you, so if you’re interested in my CI music, reply to this comment. — Sven Sundberg


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