A long journey to the sun

When my Soul woke up, it was still pitch black. No sound, light or other motion was to be sensed in the thick density of the existence. And the Soul thought, “Meh”.

As the very fist particles of light lit up the sky in the East, the Soul stood up and set out on its journey to greet the sun .

It then saw some people dancing in the distance. My soul rejoiced tremendously and started moving towards the people as fast as it could.  It was very happy It wasn’t alone in the Universe.

But as It approached the people, It saw something horrible.

Those people’s souls were locked inside them in big cages. Some souls were grim and just sitting quietly. Some were banging violently against the cages, hurting their host’s bodies, but the hosts didn’t seem to notice.

Some souls were even trying to take off together with their cages, but there was not enough room for them to spread their wings…

The people had a fire in the middle of their wild dance. It was indeed a fiendish feast. The people were making  ugly noises, laughing foolishly at the moves of other people across the camp fire.

Some people would try to push others into the fire, their souls going frenetic in their cages – both that of the victim and that of the murder, just trying to escape in the opposite directions.

My Soul couldn’t look at this anymore. It sat on the ground, unable to bear the creaking noise of the dance, and stopped Its ears.

Meanwhile, it was getting lighter. Some people began noticing the light coming from the East and started looking around. The place where they were looked quite different when lit up with the light of the sun than it did when swarmed by the shadows from the fire.

Most people looked tired by now. The first rays of light that pierced the horizon and rushed forwards to light the ground revealed an unsightly scene.

In all directions from the camp fire, dirty bones were to be seen. People looked into one another’s faces and realized they were ugly and distorted.

Some people began shaking their heads in disbelief, as if saying “It wasn’t me… I don’t know how that happened”.

Some decided to let their souls out of the cages, so that they could fly to the sun, but the locks were rusty and the keys were lost.

A few people managed to let their souls out. Those souls rushed to mine and they hopped and dances happily together for a short while.

Remembering there were many others to be helped, the free souls got a plan. They decided to fly towards the sun, to gather some light into a wind sail and to bring it back to the camp fire stop.

And so they set out. At first, not all souls could fly. Mine couldn’t. It had been asleep for a really long time. So, it started walking on pretty weak legs.

But as it walked more, it was becoming easier to walk. After a while, it could run. And eventually fly.

As the sun was getting close, the bright sun disc began to be seen in its entirety. My Soul was happy and it peace. It bathed in the warm rays of light all around it. It closed it eyes and thought how pleasant it was to be realizing that it was broad light even with the eyes closed.

When the souls reached the ocean, they landed, for it was risky to continue flying over the ocean. The sun was close now and was just above the souls’ heads.

My Soul stretched its body, pleasant rush running through Its muscles. It lay down on sand, buried its face in its palms and cried.

It was crying from happiness, happy to see the sun. Happy the night was over.

Suddenly, it was overcome by an urge to fly straight to the sun. To hit its very center, to reach this place where there was only light and nothing else.

As It stood up, full of intent and determination, and raised its arms preparing to fly, Its essence shot out of its body and turned into sound.

The sound filled the space around the beach for a split second, echoing off the endless body of the ocean, and became one with the sun.

*FYI, what you see below this line is a WordPress ad, not part of the post.

2 thoughts on “A long journey to the sun

  1. This is extraordinary indeed, probably one of the best posts i have read in recent times.its so mesmerizing that takes you to the journey.i actually visualize each and every word in my thoughts and it felt like me being a part of this tale.later i realized that it was the tale of pain ,sorrow , joy and hope.very tough to understand what you have written but yet so simple to read.only a deep thinker can do.
    God Bless

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