My Eurovision Song Contest Predictions for 2013

It’s this time of year… again! The grand final for Eurovision annual Song Contest will take place tomorrow nigh in Swedish Malmö. As had been predicted last year, Sweden won Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and is now hosting the show on its shores.

26 contestants will be competing for the title of the artist who sings the best song of the year. Can you guess who will be number 1? Let’s try!

Well, even though Denmark seems to be everybody’s favorite this year, I’m not sure  if it will eventually come first. My guess is that it will come second, since the song gets a big heavy on the ears past first couple of minutes.

♫ Winner ♫ – NORWAY 

I like the futuristic character that Margaret Berger cuts this year, do you? I think the song is really good. Many consider Norway Denmark’s biggest competitor this year. We’ll see 😉

Place 2 – Denmark

After all, I think Denmark will come second. Let’s see if my gut feeling which goes against everybody else’s predictions is right 🙂

Place 3 – Estonia

They say it’s a lot of lyrical songs this year, and one is by Brigit from Estonia. If you ask me, Estonia has been bringing really great songs to Eurovision each year (remember last year’s Kuula?). Let’s see what votes it gets this time. Good luck, Brig!

Place 4 – Georgia

Again, I’m having a de ja vu. These guys kind of remind me of the couple who won Eurovision for Azerbaijan in 2011 🙂 Anyhow, it’s a nice song, enjoy!

Place 5 – Moldova 

Aliona Moon has an original item this year, perhaps worth the 5th place. The name of the song in English is “The Thousand”

Place 6 – Iceland!

Sorry, guys, perhaps I’m not being objective here, but this guy just looks like he walked out of some fairy-tale. Did you know that Iceland is a place where many people still believe in fairies (according to some survey).

“I’m alive”, sings Eythor Ingi. Enjoy!

Place 7 – Russia

Dina Garipova, the Russian contestant of Tatar origin might be the lucky number 7, or may higher – who knows? A beautiful voice this girl has, by the way 🙂

Place 8 – Italy

As a founding country of Eurovision, Italy doesn’t have to go through semi finals each year. Sometimes this backfires at “privileged” contestants and they get poorer votes than they deserve.

Well, Italy’s Marco Mengoni has a really pleasant song this year – check it out.

Place 9 –  United Kingdom

OK, the UK did this again: they’re sending a well-established singer to Eurovision yet another time. Welcome Bonnie Tyler!.

Place 10 -Sweden

They say when you sing at home, you shine and are glorious just because of the sheer fact. Sweden, the host of this year’s Eurovision, will also be in the top 10, I think.

All right, did you enjoy Loreen’s opening accords playing at the beginning of each item this year?

Actually, it would have been cool if Sweden won Eurovision in 2014, because in 2014 it will be 40 years since Swedish ABBA totally stole the show at Eurovision 1974, followed by years and years of ABBA releasing one hit after another.



  1. And as I see Denmark wins the Eurovision 2013 ,Lovely and Gorgeous ”Emmelie de Forest” took away the trophy. 🙂 your personal favorite Norway ”Margaret Berger” came fourth. Your prediction for second place went to Azerbaijan ”Farid Mammadov” and Belarus ”Alyona Lanskaya” came 16th. Great event which showcases tons of talent in music. you win or not don’t matter what matter is an opportunity and feel lucky to be a part an event like this where you can show off your talent. I am happy to see that I can too take part in Eurovision contest since India is an Associate member of ”European Broadcast Union” if not a direct member and AIR ”All India Radio” is taking care of it. a talent should not go in waste at any cost, you got talent go and get what it deserve. 🙂 I hope learning Russian will help me in my Objective 😉

    • Oh, wow, didn’t know that. Anyway, singing in English or in your own language is just fine, I believe 🙂

      • India is a part of an Associate membership to EBU so it definitely support English and hindi language and Russian for sure. India has great talents in music too ,so its a good opportunity for those who are looking to go beyond borders and communicate with music to people 🙂

  2. All righty, Denmark won the first place after all 🙂

    Congratulations to Emmelie de Forest! I really hope you watched the entire show last night, Loreen made me tearful with her heavenly performance. I think if she participated this year, she’d win again. Even the anchor said “if you want to vote for Loreen, remember she is not part of the competition” lol

    OK, here is how the results were different from my predictions:

    (1) Norway – 4th place
    (2) Denmark – 1st place (winner)
    (3) Estonia – 20th place
    (4) Georgia – 15th place
    (5) Moldova – 11th place
    (6) Iceland – 17th place
    (7) Russia – 5th place (definitely underestimated Dina!)
    (8) Italy – 7th place (almost got it right, yay)
    (9) The UK – 19th place
    (10) Sweden – 14th place

    And here is the actual top 10 for Eurovision 2013:

    1. Denmark with 281 points
    2. Azerbaijan with 234 points
    3. Ukraine with 214 points – congrats, Zlata! (I was born in Ukraine :))
    4. Norway with 191 points
    5. Russia with 174 points
    6. Greece with 152 points (I guess alcohol is free in Greece now? :))
    7. Italy with 126 points
    8. Malta with 120 points
    9. The Netherlands with 114 points (this year’s most melancholic song which many people liked after all!)
    10. Hungary with 84 points.

  3. Loreen was great indeed but It did not bring tears to my eyes but she does bring lot of energy. great talent. 🙂

  4. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the entire show. Since I have classes, missed the event, tho it is hard to find any location broadcasting entire event. I loved Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Azerbaijan (better’n last yrs) Belarus. Re your comment Estonia, I expected reference to ‘Randayad’ which I love & is in my playlist, with all Abba’s hits, including Fernando, in Spanish ))

    • I wanted to include Ukraine into the top 10 at first, but then something in the song stopped me. And Zlata’s item seemed a bit similar to Russia’s entry, but Dina has a nicer voice in my opinion.
      Anyway, I’m happy others liked Ukraine’s performance.

      • Dina does have a nicer voice, I listened to a few of her songs. You did a great job assembling commentary for me… lol

  5. I just loved watching Waterloo, never saw that b4… WOW! Such great FUN! WIKI> Prior to ABBA, Björn + Benny were living in a Volkswagen bus & decided to leave music and gain regular jobs, however Stig Anderson (co-wrote Waterloo) persuaded them to start a new band, investing considerable money in the group. Prior to “Waterloo” all Eurovision was required to sing in their native tongue, a restriction lifted briefly in 1970s then reinstated a few years later before ultimately being removed. Else, this would have been the winning version:

    • Looks like ABBA was just destined to happen to the world 🙂

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