Introducing “The Plus Zone” – positive news from around the globe

the plus zone logoDear reader,

About 2 weeks ago, I started a new website, The Plus Zone, that features positive news from around the globe.

I will still continue to write for this blog, because these 2 blogs are actually different and serve different purposes.

The concept behind The Plus Zone is to multiply joy, happiness and love and promote them in the world by means of the power of the collective.

I realize that many people these days are concerned with the conflict in North Korea and other world problems. But just worrying about them and spreading worries to involve other people definitely does not help.

When this world was created, the creative potential of its first people equaled that of the Creator. This means they could create their lives and universes the way they wanted. It’s still the case today, the only difference being that the potential is now shared among a bigger number of people.

So, the power of our collective is immense. If most of us watch TV with scary news, the thoughts of those people create the part of our reality in the manner in which it is presented in the news.

Therefore, if more people pay more attention to good news, the world will become a better place.

After all, it’s our collective choice (at a certain level we’re all connected), and it’s up to us what kind of lives we want to have.

It’s no use saying that you “lost faith in humanity” or that you hate this world. Because in fact each of us has a fraction of contribution to how our planet is.

And, even though we don’t remember it with everyday memory, we were those first people who walked this Earth. We were that one consciousness that multiplied times and times again, and was/were making those choices, and this is where we ended up being.

OK, enough words, let’s join our hearts in this beautiful dream that I encourage you all to partake in – the dream to make this world a beautiful, magical place we wanted it to be not that long ago.

Much love to you,




  1. Its a good initiative and efforts are plausible considering the fact that today’s time is chaotic and full of panic stricken activities. you open a news channel or scan through newspapers or journals its the same story everywhere – chaos. how one’s word can influence people ,we see it daily and it happens on regularly without a full stop. distributing happiness and positivity like this is something very rare these days , lets make people aware that good things still happen in this world since good people do exist even today. contribution is required ,lets hope one will come forward to support. my support and efforts to any good cause are always there.

  2. Great job, there is much good in progress, and this enterprize should help spread the good word! To aid those who already work for good, always need support, but this especially targets those who may not be so aware of the good spirits working out there.

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