Sonia vs. Nazis (a Girl’s Dream)

Guernica, Ruinen[I saw this in a dream. So, it gets absurd at times]

It was a wonderful spring afternoon. The sun was shining brightly; not a single cloud in the sky.

Sonia was walking towards Joseph’s house when suddenly she met a guy with tanned complexion on her way. The guy was smiling broadly. It was the best day in his life. He survived. He got spared the sad lot. He was free to go wherever he pleased.

Sonia was very happy for him. She quickly pictured herself in the guy’s shoes. She’d be overwhelmed with happiness. But her situation was different at that moment.

As she approached Joseph’s house, she saw some burned wood and debris by the river. “This is where the 3 settlements used to be”, said Joseph showing Sonia the map. “Right on the river, like in Venice.  And now… there is nothing there. The people are gone, and their houses are under water.”

This made Sonia feel sad. She turned to the window where Joseph was standing and climbed through the window into the house. Joseph’s room was small, but it was made of light wooden panels, which made it look cheerful. “I’ll have to leave you for a moment, said Joseph. “I’ll be right back”.

Sonia had waited for some time until she realized something was wrong. She could feel that Joseph wasn’t in the house any longer. She came outside and decided to hide inside the broken military truck that was standing in the street. She discovered that there were several other people in the truck. The atmosphere was tense, since everyone was scared.

Sonia did not see where the Nazi’s came from. They seemed to have fallen from the sky. All of a sudden one of them punched the truck window with a long gun (even though the guys had been virtually breathless the whole time) and shouted at Sonia: “Get out, you, Jewish scum.”

Sonia got out, and so did the others. They could not tell where the Nazi’s were taking them. And then there was nothing but pain. They did not spare anyone. Finally, it was Sonia’s turn to stand before the Nazis.

They were inside a wooden house. The room was dark (the windows must have been closed), but there were some candles burning. It was also a bit chilly in the room.

Sonia was standing in front of the Nazi gathering who did not seem to be in a rush. She could see something which looked like medical equipment on the short table in front of the Nazis.

“Arrogant, foolish people”, Sonia thought.  She knew all her friends were dead by then. She knew those people had killed her friends. Yet they were standing there. Still alive, breathing and talking, dressed like civilized human beings. It was disgusting. Ignorant murderers pretending to be “cool”, meaningful and important.

Sonia did not notice how she got angry. It wasn’t blind rage, it was more like realizing that the Nazis were blind in a way. A realization that her friends’ deaths were useless. A realization that there was no reason worthy of a human being for that to happen.

And that was when Sonia scared the Nazis. Ever since she was a little girl, she had this ability to fly up in the air like a helicopter whenever she’d feel intense emotions like excitement, joy or anger. But she’s kept it a secret.

When Sonia slowly went up in the air, this caused confusion among the Nazis. They stopped talking abruptly and backed off by instinct. Floating almost right under the wooden ceiling, Sonia cried:

“What do you think you’re going to do with your lives now? Those people will be coming to you in sleep every night. Why commit such pointless crimes? You’re not letting others live happily, and not making yourselves happy either!”

Then suddenly it looked like the Nazis got a plan. They collected their guns and their equipment and left Sonia alone in the room. Sonia could tell they were going to close the windows and set the building on fire.

But she was angry and could still fly. She simply knocked out the window, but it was too high for her to jump. She wasn’t sure she could fly out of the window, because the energy was leaving her.

And then she saw a skinny baby elephant with beautiful compassionate eyes outside the window. The baby elephant was looking over his shoulder, waiting, his big ears pressed to his head, because it was cold outside – there was snow around the house.

Sonia realized she wasn’t sure whether she was alive any longer. “Perhaps I died with the others, and now it’s just my soul flying around. Otherwise, why this baby elephant?”

The elephant looked at Sonia as if saying, “if you can’t fly, jump on my back and I’ll get you out of here”. But Sonia looked at the fragile baby elephant’s back. She hesitated, and then 3 or 4 more baby elephants materialized outside the window.

She realize she could concentrate the remains of her energy and fly out of the window. One of the elephants was going to pick her up.

And so she did. As she flew out, she got lifted into the air, and flew over the snow-covered town. She could see the houses underneath, and she was flying higher and higher.


Then she found herself flying over some mountains which looked like… Greenland. At least that was what she thought. Suddenly, Sonia began to lose height. Her heart was heavy with bad memories and sad feelings. She realized she needed to stop somewhere.

When she landed, she thought she was probably in China. Somehow, she ended up in what looked like an underground building. She could sense war here, too. People were sad and hungry. She could see a long dark corridor with shabby walls painted dark blue.

Then she saw 2 people come out of one of the doors: a young man and a young woman. The man was very handsome, and the woman did not really look Chinese. But they saw Sonia, and she decided that she probably wasn’t dead after all.

The man said something to Sonia. Desperately scrambling to remember at least some Chinese, Sonia managed to say just two words: “Wo – Sonia”, pointing at herself. The handsome man smiled at this and told Sonia to follow him and the girl. They were going to give her something to eat.



  1. Was it really your dream ? is that really what you saw in your dream ? it does look like a dream to me and its quite interesting. i remember how dreams work. i have had dreams which were kind of absurd but had meaning behind them.but in the morning when i used to recall my dreams i had often failed to gain any meaning out of it.but yes Sonia does constitute very strong character who stood against the nazis.when she met Joseph he was happy to survive she could empathise with him but her situation was different. it became tensed when Joseph disappeared and she found more people in the truck and suddenly Nazis showed up…….wow it got really tensed here.kind of movie know when i read something like this i always picture it in my mind like a screenplay and movie on the screen.i see sonia , i see joseph and the location and the debris ,people in the truck and nazis with guns and their equipments.the elephant and yet skinny …..where it came from ? things have become really strange here.was she dead ? was she still alive ? may be she was alive. she landed in china.hmmmm.quite a dream. but it does have a deeper meaning.its not here for no reason.let me see what i can establish out of this. was it not “when you feel full of excitement , joy feel high on emotions you end up doing things out of ordinary ? ” it does happen with me and with everyone for that matter.when i take emotional driven decisions and not practically driven i always end of things which i might not have done for practical reasons.and its always out of ordinary which people won’t do quite often,you do get your share of crticism but you also get depends on how you deal with the given situation and under what circumstances you take such decisions.but nevertheless quite good post on dream. i liked it 🙂

    • Yes, it was really a dream. I remember the girl’s name, because she introduced herself to the Chinese guys towards the end.

  2. I LOVE this story, so many emotions, including charm & humor, in additon to the darkness. Such stores always recall my first reading of Ann Frank, her solitary story, amongst my books to re-read. I love Sonia’s anger, & her talent to fly, thus humiliating (really) the nazis. Well-developed writing & plot. I imagine there are more such fantasy stories recently appeared, but I’ve not read them.

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