The Day the Human Thought Died

people-using-their-smartphonesI was on the train the other day, going to work. And I saw a girl become completely immersed in the world of her iPhone as soon as she sat down.

I rarely take the train these days; I mostly drive. And, when I don’t drive, I really cherish the ability to think in quiet as I ride on the subway. You don’t get the same opportunity when you’re driving, since you have to pay attention to what’s going on on the road.

So, it occurred to me, that that girl with the iPhone prefered to get distracted by her device rather than grab the rare opportunity to think without being interrupted.

Funny thing, I had seen people busy with their smartphones a million times before that day, but it never occurred to me what was making them do that.

How we went from creators to consumers

I believe that people have been created in the image of the Creator – and that they are creators by nature. Each person is endowed with a gift to create things with his or her mind, which then get manifested in form, in blood and flesh.

Even the people who say they are not creative see dreams, think about the omelette before they make it and are capable of different kinds of thought-work and willful action.

However, if we look at how the thought process of the average human occurs nowadays, we’ll see that it’s quite unorganized, chaotic, raptured and is often plain interfered with.

At the same time, one’s thought body is just as material a body as one’s physical form, aura, astral body, etc.  – and it needs to be developed to function properly.

In the old Vedic culture it was considered to be rude to interrupt the thought process of another person, particularly a child. And what we have now is “mental enslavement” – one’s thought process is first hijacked by parents, then it is controlled by teachers and then by the society.

And I believe this is done on purpose by the ruling elite, because people who don’t think are super-easy to control.

What is imposed on people instead is consumerism. It is nourished, it is pampered, it is hugely invested into – only with the purpose to enslave people mentally.

Give me, give me!

ipad lineI hear many people say they are bored these days.  This is a clear sign they don’t have an alternative to consumerism.

Well, when totally cut off from any source of any information, any person will go cuckoo pretty soon. But when given the chance to manage your own thoughts and to create your reality with those thoughts – why not use it?

Nowadays, the society (the ruling elite) is doing a great job interfering with one’s thinking process all throughout the day:

  • there’s advertising
  • there are movies; and there is all kind of irritainment
  • there are sorts of new cool products you MUST have (huh?)
  • there are mind-enslaving cults (religions, fan clubs, technology cults, political cults, etc.)
  • there’s economic enslavement which is imposed on most people since their infancy
  • there is mental enslavement through stereotypes = patterns  suggested via the subconscious (that you should have this and that opinion on this and that, that you should hate a specific group of people, etc.)
  • there is outright trespassing of one’s personal space pretty much everywhere one goes (noise, sales people bugging you, etc.)

All this is done to entice consuming. For the consumer is not the creator.

By the way, another thing I observed. When living in Niagara Falls, I noticed that most tourists would not watch the fireworks, but would be busy recording them with their cameras!! This is really like looking at the reality from behind Darth Vader’s steel mask, isn’t it?


A Few Words on the Human Collective

The effect this massive distraction has on the collective thought of humanity is even more shocking. I had written about how collective thought was waaaay more powerful than the thought of one person… So, imagine a huge force, enslaved, steered in a specific direction by the ruling elite (the so-called “thought leaders”), largely wasted, uncontrollable, non-conscious, chaotic.

To say that the power of the collective thought is HUGE would be a huge understatement. An abstract from Dr. Buryl Payne’s website:

A large scale experiment using group mediation was done by the Transcendental Meditation organization in the late 70’s in Washington, DC. The results showed a decrease in crime rates.

And now, think about the kind of movies people watch these days, and it will become clear what kind of reality we are creating with our thoughts – every day.

My dream

My dream is that people wake up and start thinking. Thinking is not hard, it becomes enjoyable once you get going. It is a totally natural process, and one quickly learns to enjoy it, because he/she then sees the results of their thought lead to actual things happening in their actual lives.

So, is the human thought dead yet? I choose to believe it is being revived. 🙂



  1. That is a terrifying picture, and while I wish (dream? weep?) that it was otherwise I think your commentary is true. Too true.

  2. Amyclae, you are right, this should be terrifying, but that is not the way I perceived it. Then, finally, we read that thought is reviving… I feel this is our bi-polar/manic/variable nature. I enjoyed thinking while reading this story, since it was well conceived & well told. It recalls my own commutes in NYC, so often difficult to think amidst the din & tussle of the crowd. I try to read some, but mostly as a distraction. And of course, I’m still not achieving my own artistic potential… having to devote time to work, chores, fatigue, socializing. One of these days…


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