Sing to the Earth: My 7 Wonders of the World

Come, come quick,

Let’s go outside and greet the spring!

The light from Earth is now seen at faraway planets.

Open up your windows and look out!

Why worry now that the dawn is breaking?

Dear Earth…

It took me so much time

To go from knowing

To fully realizing

Who you really are

You’re not just soil, and dirt and rain!

Just like me – I’m not just blood, and sweat and tears

I feel something when I look at your trees

When I look in your skies

When I bathe in your waters

You make me forget everything

Good and bad, both

And simply go with the flow.

I wanted to tell you for a long time

How amazed I am with your wonders!

And the most wonderful of all

Are the wonders of your light

And the wonders of your color!

Northern Lights


rainbow in karelia


Blue hydrangea

blue hydrangea

blue and purple hydrangeas

Magnolia trees

white magnolia flower

pink magnolia



ice cave





  1. lovely , i love it , very nicely written and nice selection of images, makes us realize how beautiful is our planet earth.

  2. Yes, Gaia is indeed a beautiful thing, with such beautiful locations!

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