Mass Shootings of 2012: Who Is Really to Blame?

SS859966In a society that fosters violence, it’s not surprising at all that some of its members become well-accustomed to it and begin thinking they are part of a movie, a video game, or a news footage.

Breivik said he had been playing violent video games to prepare himself for the shooting. At least 2 mass murders dressed up as the Joker from The Dark Knight, killing 3 (in Belgium) and 12 (in the US) respectively.

A sound question would be: why does the movie business so eagerly associate coolness with crime, and why does it create appalling role models for young people to follow?

Only several centuries ago, people would gather in squares in Europe to watch a criminal being hanged or a heretic being burned. It was considered normal and acceptable back then. Now it is hard for us to comprehend how people could attend such gatherings pretty much the way we attend shows and events nowadays.

Will the time come when people will be shocked to see the kind of movies we watch today and the sort of activities we indulge in?

I wonder.

Meanwhile, movie makers, video game developers and news people are barely concerned with the fruit their actions bring. There are psychological mechanisms in place distancing the real murderer from the end victim. Just the way a person eating steak does not realize what the steak used to be before it got served for dinner.

I remember taking a train in NYC (some 6 or 7 years ago) and seeing a Dexter commercial in the car. There was literally a corpse staring at me from the poster on the subway, where elderly people, pregnant women and children rode as well.

Nowadays, even movies that are considered good and heart-warming contain violence. I found Cloud Atlas pretty violent. Usually violence gives me a bad headache, so, I know if there is any in a move.

As for our news people, when I watch the news I really feel like jumping out of the window (that’s why I really don’t watch it). That’s because, out of all the occurrences that happened in a particular area during the day (someone got born, someone got married, someone kissed for the first time in their life, etc.), they scoop out all the negativity and present it to the public in a serious tone, so that everyone gets the gravity of the situation they are in.

By the way, a man recently slashed 23 children in China in a rampage reportedly “sparked by the Mayan doomsday prophecy”.

And, who if not the media creates, savors and heats up the news about the controversial prophecy, if I may ask?

So, really, instead of doing everything in their power to keep the society sane, certain institutions do all they can to do exactly the opposite. And – I bet they don’t feel bad about it.

Take TV and newspapers. People are being programmed by advertising and mass culture. How many of our wishes and dreams are actually our own? How many of us are really happy with their latest models of iPhones, our latest designer shoes and so on. I remember hearing a teenager screaming, virtually yelling at her parent on the phone that it was Friday night, and she didn’t have a date to go out with, so, obviously, that was the end of the world for her.

Who and what programs us to react to things that way? Why is it that we constantly feel bad about ourselves and are chasing the dreams somebody else created for us.

The Western society is driven by negative motivation. The way it works is, if you don’t live up to a standard, you’re a loser. So, people are motivated to do thing not because they feel like doing them, but because not doing them is bound to make them feel bad about themselves. So much for unconditional love and acceptance.

Would a person with true (his/her own) values walk into a place and kill innocent people?

This is the deed of a person who has nothing to lose. If the person had something to lose, he/she would cling to life and would never just throw it away like a used paper napkin.

President Obama said “they will not tolerate this any longer”. I wonder if they will tackle the real cause of the insanity that’s happening this time.

I do hope and pray so.

But also each of us should do all we can to reverse the insanity and stupidity that’s upon us.



  1. Extremely sorry picture of the world we live in today , where people are driven by virtual reality than the will of of their own lives, in a world where we find facebook an appropriate option to hang out with friends than meeting them in person ,where cell phone is more important to us than holding hands of our loved ones, where buying an apple ipad has become an status symbol than simply keeping smile on your face, a world where people have become puppits driven by few those who play the cards.we are living our lives ,we are building our world on the bases of what drives us ,what motivates us ,unfortunately its not what nature gives us rather its what man has created for man and man has become so accustomed to it that he fails to know what is real and what is virtual.came down to tears when heard the news of mass shooting in newtown ,it could have been my child too,it could have been my child in any city in any country ,where he/she always feels unsafe and feels like anything can happen at anytime.where his’her father won’t be there all the time to protect her/him. where we have to handover to them at the mercy of this world , we have no choice. man killing man has become synonym today for being there anyday where i will see or my childern will see a world which they call their own , a home . i wonder.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, dolce. You’re saying that murder is the synonym for being human. Well, this is very sad.

      As far as I’ve observed, people like to say that our biological characteristics are responsible for how we behave. But then what do people have consciouness for? Just to be a passenger in the car, in which someone else is steering the wheel and you’re just observing how the crazy driver is pushing you towards suicide?

      That’s highly unlikely and illogical.

      I don’t really know why people like to compare themselves to animals. Why not to angels? Human beings occupy an intermediary position between animals and angels. So, why strive for the lower standard?

      People are different from animals, because they don’t act on instinct, they act on free will – that’s the key difference. People have consciousness which they can use to steer their lives.

      But many don’t use it, because “we’re just like animals” seems to be a perfect lazy excuse.

  2. i wish people had understood and comprehended to what your try to comply here.but unfortunately being human does not exist anymore ,if it was then why picking up a gun and shooting innocent people around ? instead you take flowers and distribute love.but man has degraded itself from where it once belong.concious or unconcous ,willing or not willing ,man always end up doing things worse than comparing man to animals today will be even degrading to animals. we often end up saying in our daily lives that ‘even animals are better than us’,its because human has lost touch of angels.why need angels around when we ourselves can become an angel to somone ,by providing care ,love and support. to that person we are no short of an angel.but very few who dared to do so have perished inbetween or lost midway and they always end up loosing and noone by their side to support them.murder has become synonym for being human :- i wish if i was wrong, i wish if this is untrue but its not these days.if it was then no man had picked up the gun on given day to go out shooting small children.its very sad indeed very words to describe the pain of those who are going through ,have lost their loved ones in these voilence around the globe.but there is always hope which keeps us alive and instills strength in us to keep us going,since time and life stops for noone , man too moves on.animals are not of lower standards ,they are intelligent than humans in many ways.infact most of the evolution has come from animals which was later given to humans.even today in the 21st century we immitate animals ,in technology ,in medicine and there are so many things where we are taking hints and knowledge from animals ,how they behave in their social circle ,how they communicate ,how they show love,power,affection,strength and they are superior in their own right.nature has made them like that.sorry to say that even after humans have got most advanced body mechanism and brain we fail to compete with has lot to learn and i hope time is not short because if its short already ,we have to no time to make changes and turn things around to become human and to reach where we once belonged.

  3. padraeg

    Thanks for this analysis, and opportunity to comment. I’ve been busy with this already too much on FaceBk, so here goes…. Not so many years ago, up to around WW2, even kids in USA had easy access to weapons, pistols for protection, rifles for hunting. They learned they had a tremendous power, and responsibility. There are not many stories of much abuse.

    Today, our laws claim they ban guns, but the laws mostly take the guns away from those who obey the law, NOT the criminals. So we have this constant battle, because many fail to see that truth. Newtown school was allegedly a ‘gunfree zone’ and it surely was, EXCEPT for the deranged son, of a troubled mother, who allowed him to access several weapons she had responsibility to care for. That is, both broke many laws. Sadly, the only hope those murdered had, was a gun, which just was not there. Two women ran at the killer with their bare hands. I wonder if I’d be that brave. I more hope that if I had the gun, I’d not miss.

    My simple solution for so many massacres is to have NYPD, or state troopers, patrol the schools, on a random schedule, the same as they patrol banks, other businesses. So, the deranged killer, who seeks a ‘gunfree zone’ can no longer count on such.

    The Batman film massacre of a few months ago chose a theatre advertised as ‘gunfree.’ The killer had other theatres closer to his residence, but he chose the one where he was free of opposition.

    The consequence of my analysis above, is that MOST Americans are not quite so deranged as we imagine, they are just living under a dysfunctional legislative system, claiming to ban guns, but ironically, enforced on the wrong people, ie, those who should keep the guns, to protect from those who don’t obey the law.

    I almost forgot this part of the story… for years, extremist atheists have been banning all representation of any deity in schools, or other public institutions. Most accept separation of church & state, but many of these new zealots reject the millenia history of Greco=Roman-Judeo history, in textbooks as well as in any artistic displays that have always been common in schools. I don’t wish to reverse separation of church & state, but that should not mean elimination of church, nor religion. This, couple with Hollywood’s admitted pandering to violent, juvenile films, increases the odds that a deranged man, and its been mostly men, so far, will take up arms, largely as a protest, to get his name in the papers.

    This is a conflict for most sentient adults, since many of these violent films are indeed good films, but we’ve lost the ability to TEACH our kids, which means truly mandating what is allowed, what is NOT ALLOWED. After the last Batman massacre, I saw the film with my niece, ~ 21 yr old. It was not as violent as I anticiapated, as it was well constructed, and I don’t think she was harmed by it. Still, I don’t think she was really mature enough to see, nor appreciate that film. Her father had little to say, she wanted it, and I was happy she chose something I knew I’d enjoy. I feel it was good that we had a chance afterwards to discuss its meaning, story, even use of violence, but I’m surely not perfect on this. I still feel something went awry with that choice of film… but it was, IMHO, a great film for adults readly to confront evil… she is just not yet in that category. Yet I don’t have the authority, nor the prescience, to object to her choice of film.

    The bigger problem for society is the number of younger teens at that show, most of whom were flirting with their friends, but I imagine the killer at Newtown, would be traumatized by it, even encouraged to kill because of the film. Hollywood of course claims innocence as the film code notifiies all of the film’s content. But no, parents can’t really keep track of all this, they are working hard, the kids grow up with their peers, and they attend schools where they may never even learn there exists a theory that God created us.

    • But why squeeze violence into almost every movie? The saddest thing for me is that people are ready to tolerate violence on screen, which, I’m convinced, leads to more violence off-screen.

      I strongly believe that human beings are born loving and non-violent. If they were not exposed to samples of violence and unworthy behavior from an early age, they would never become violent just because.

      • i agree with you , human were born loving and non – violent but what made them violent ? it was need and hunger to stay alive,survival of the fittest.when primitive men started hunting for animals for food and started killing them to stay alive that’s when the first violence took place.they started killing animals for food violently.whatever we call it now but it was violence indeed.we can say that was an evolution era so whatever happened was bounded to happen but any act of destroying someone is an act of violence.what we see today in films has a direct impact impact on our lives and we try to do the same what we in films.many times there have been instances where movie like robbery ,murder,kidnapping or gang war took place.i dont understand the logic of showing violence in almost every 2nd movie.the point is that today sex and violence sells since its business which makes million of dollars and human is hungry for money which can bring all the pleasures in the world for him.why not simply leave what we see on screen to the screen and not immitating it to our real lives where we live with real people in flesh and blood ? i wonder

        • There is actually little proof that “primitive” men were indeed primitive. And, taking the pyramids, the Vedas and other cultural legacy that survived till today, I’m not sure about that at all.
          Besides, as this posts suggests, “it has been demonstrated, by analizing the DNA of proteins found in fossilised excrements of different prehistoric ages, that our ancestors, of different eras and places, were eating mostly plant-based foods.”
          So, as for me, I believe that much of what we know about prehistoric people is misinterpretation or simply disinformation. Many scientists consider Darwin’s evolutionary theory inconsistent, yet it’s still in many schoolbooks. Why? Because people really like to think of themselves as off-springs of animals. And it’s also in the schoolbooks, because, if people realized who they really are, they would be impossible to manipulate.

          • Theories keeps on changeing baby, new studies keeps coming in, experts scientists they all keep on working on new theories ,studies which keeps on changeing old the new studies shows that dinosaurs were actually a lot bigger than previously thought .so we can’t really comment on what was then and what’s now.after all its all become part of a debate.

  4. padraeg

    Hmm, seems theres a lot of new stuff posted… lol Surely the films continue to exploit violence because it sells, at a profit. I feel we’ve lost control of the ability to teach/lead our kids, ie, parents no longer even know what their kids watch, neither TV nor film, or they don’t consider it important. ONLY a small minority of people are made to act out violently, but just a few have monumental impact. Most of those violent films are good, some even great… ‘Silence of the Lambs’?… for adults, not for 12-14 yr olds. That is a societal problem, where too many encourage tolerance of all conduct, so parents become hesitant to correct their kids, ditto for teachers. USA has many major religions, why should they all be COMPLETELY BANNED from any school…? That encourages this mindless tolerance for anything short of killing others. The Judeo-Greco-Christian tradition that founded Europa has been emasculated by the bureaucrats. One major lesson I’ve picked up this past week, is the vast majority of mass killers are deranged, so already broke the law to get their guns. Writing more laws only reduced the guns in the hands of the good guys, those able to kill the killers. Not the ideal solution, but as we saw, slaughtering dozens of innocents demands shooting the killer. One day, perhaps, psychiatry can do a better job identifying those deranged, but now they cannot identify the FIRST VIOLENT ACT. Sadly, the news laws sure to be written in USA will be seen to have been in vain. Only a gun is likely to stop a mass killer.

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