12 Funny Real-Life Reasons People Got Fired from Work

How are you doing, dear reader?

Today, I feel like sharing something fun with you.

Here are 12 quite extraordinary (yet true) stories of employees getting fired from their job places.

I translated this from Russian.  Enjoy!

OK, the employee…

1. In the course of one week, was bringing poplar down to work and lighting it at his desk.

2. Suddenly jumped out of the closet and scared the company’s business partners.

3. Had placed a pin on the colleague’s chair, but ended up sitting down on it himself, which demonstrated that the employee did not have a high enough level of intelligence required for his position.

4. Fell out of the smoking room window twice in one month.

5.  Has been on vacation for two years now.

6. Bet his immediate supervisor $100 that under no circumstances will he be fired.

7. Was fiddling with the body piercing jewelry of the female stuff.

8. Was caught in the lady’s room. Overwhelmed with emotion, could not think of a valid excuse.

9. The employee stapled and scotch-taped the money meant for paying other employees.

10. The employee carved out her initials on her desk.

11. The employee constantly pours leftovers of his tea into the office fish tank, then rinses his mug in the said tank.

12. Was smoking stuff right at his desk. While laughing foolishly, refused to write an excuse paper, claiming that the hands are not his and that he can’t write. 🙂

4 thoughts on “12 Funny Real-Life Reasons People Got Fired from Work

  1. 🙂 hahahaha this is really funny , if i will ever get fired from work it would be cause of point 2 which describes scaring companies business partner.i have done it few times but only to my colleagues who also happened to be my friends.but making a video of all these points would be fun too hahahaha 😉

    1. Привет Алеся, я благодарю тебя за это маленькая интерлюдия – это уже поздно, надо спать. Мне очень жаль говорить тебе, но ты точно правильнo перевод не так смешно. LOL Je t’embrasse, Патрик

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