My Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Predictions

Tomorrow is the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2012. I’d like to play octopus Paul and try to predict who is going to win the contest and who is going to hit the top 10.

First off, here is the list of Eurovision 2012 finalists. And here are my predictions:

Winner ♫  – SWEDEN

Sweden has a most original item, besides it’s been the favorite all along. So, I think most people are going to vote for Sweden.

Besides, I really like the nordic image Loreen cuts and the geometry of her dance. Enjoy!

Place 2 ♪  – TURKEY

Now, the most frustrating place ever, the second place. It is frustrating, because you’re almost number 1, but not really.

I think it will be Turkey, just like that. 😉


A very light and sexy dance. For some reason the style reminds me of Ricky Martin. They also use sacred geometrical symbols in the background. And the singer has an unusual voice. Number 3!

Place 4 – ROMANIA

A very summery song. But I can’t help thinking of my last year’s favorite, Spain, which was better, I think (cry).

Place 5 – NORWAY

From hot Cyprus and Romania to chilly Norway. A nice mix of electronic and arabic music. However, I’m having a de ja vu and seeing Eric Saade. Are you?

Place 6 – MALTA

There is no particular reason why I think Malta will be number 6, I just do. The song is very pleasant and unassuming, even though some part of it sounds like that of Sweden. 😉

Place 7 – ITALY

An energetic jazzy tune. She reminds me of Zaz, lol. I love how she sings in Italian towards the end 🙂


Well, some people may find this surprising. Engelbert Humperdinck is a mystery contestant to some, because the UK, as one of the founding countries of Eurovision, doesn’t have to do semi-finals. Nevertheless, I think Engelbert Humperdinck  has many fans in and outside Britain, who will vote for him and secure him the eights position.

Place 9 – UKRAINE

The Whitney Houston of Ukraine. 🙂 I like the mix, do you?


A great solo performance by Maya Sar. I think most Eastern Europeans would understand the lyrics at least to some extent.

That’s it. Now, who is your favorite?




  1. Eurovision is one event which i really look forward too.its a platform for talented artist where they can showcase their talent in performing arts.but its not about winning euro vision title its about performing in front of thousands people ,even if you fail won’t matter ,there is always be one winner but its about showing confidence and trust in your ability that yes you can and you are made for such an event can perform like the one you are.i wish if i cud participate in Eurovision.there was a time when i was an incredible performer and singing and dance ability was only short of kind of pop Michael Jackson and to none in the world.but there is a place for every one somewhere i guess my place also somewhere ,where i belong . 🙂

  2. OMG, I’m so late! I must shower, & get to the EuroVision party. I will comment afterwards. Tanx 4 the reminder. noka

  3. OK, here is the deal:
    1. Sweden (372 points)
    2. Russia (259 points)
    3. Serbia (214 points)
    4. Azerbaijan (150 points)
    5. Albania (146 poins)
    6. Estonia (120 points)
    7. Turkey (112 pointts)
    8. Germany (110 points)
    9. Italy (101 point)
    10. Spain (97 points)

    • are these the numbers of points they got by the judges ? more than 100 points margin between sweden and russia. 🙂

      • By the judges AND the people, these are the final points. Each country gets to give 1 to 7 points (assigned by the judges) to some participant and 8, 10 and 12 points are determined by sms/phone call voting. You can see how each country voted here –
        In the past, only people could vote, ther were no judges. But then it was taking forever to vote, because a representative of each country announces each point separately via a tele conference (it looks like this . So, they decided to have judges as well.

  4. padraeg

    Thanks again for posting, at least I reviewed most of these, and I’m sorry I never got to see the show this year; however, from the above, I had no favorites,,, lol Ingelbert Humperdink was enjoyable, but he’s a pro. I’m hoping for better next year!


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