Disclosing all disclosures – disclose yourselves

Oh, my, so tired of all these red-hot news flashes, fear-loaded wikileaks, shocking horrible truths, and stuff.

Ok, I’d like to make my position on ALL THIS THEATRE very clear.

This is being done to SCARE you , dear audiences.

To disseminate fear.

Every morning and night, a group of highly trained professionals inject a new dose of concentrated negativity into your information systems. Congrats to those who recieve it.

Well, not really.

I suspect you will not listen or believe me anyway. You will probably call me a coward who is afraid to face the “truth”.

Oh, I’m facing the truth every day, it’s much more beautiful, I assure you.

THIS has nothing to do with the truth. The dragon has to conceal he is actually vulnerable, and to make others believe he’s almighty.

Adrenaline is addictive. One gets used to getting a fear shot every day.

What I’ve also noticed, people who are transmitted real strong viruses (really bad or shocking pieces of news), go around telling other people, contaminating them as they go.

Call it whatever you want, call it my reluctance to “face” the truth. But this would be similar to calling a person who does not want to jump off a 50-story building without a parashute a coward.

Well, it’s freaking dangerous, and the war is on you, mate.

Listen, I can’t force you NOT to watch the terrible news, NOT to keep on digging out more shocking facts…

Anyhow, I look at it this way. In the world, there is information that’s valuable to you, and there is useless information. For example, if you walking down the street and you see a pile of garbage, would you start digging to see what this pile contains?

Allow me to make a guess and say you wouldn’t. Why would you pick and savor a filthy piece of news?

Please, disagree with me if you can.








    Well, as we know, I believe we, citizens, have an obligation to try to be informed, and take appopriate action whenever possible. The fact that journalist don’t help identify the important issues, just makes our job harder. Journalism is truly a corrupted job, more & more. But the idea of so many great journalists being ignored is not something I’m ready to accept… Politkovskaya told us all about corruption in her books, we can’t be so disengaged as to ignore her truths revealed… There’ve been others, in all countries. We few, who have the talent to identify truth from falsehood, have the obligation to act on it, either by voting, or more direct means, generally discouraged. There is no other way, which is why it is clear already that Putin is no longer the powerful tyrant he was… he will win in the first round, but he knows he must show some progress, some attempt to bring to heel those awful ‘blue lights’ that have murdered innocent pedestrians, because some drivers have the right to drive recklessly, without fear of justice… When this jerk from the KGB leaves, with his billions in corruption winnings, Russia will be on the road to be its real self, a nation of the modern world, with all the good and bad points of that, but a nation controlled by its people, not ‘crooks & thieves’

  2. Facing the truth is lot more difficult than ignoring it with your open eyes.this world is full of people who keep blind eye to the truth,so whats happening around the globe don’t really matter anyways,since it won’t matter to those who keep blind eye to it.i too face the truth every day.but instead what i do,i make my own truth.i only take what i think i should take from this world as truth,not everything is a lie here not everything is the truth but what you make in your own world becomes your own reality.perfect when you say that its like a virus and it gets injects into your skin and keeps on bothering you all the time day and night,take 2012 case,what’s really going to happen this ,is there world war 3 ,will aliens comes down to earth ? to all these questions we have millions answers in there own ways.and we are so worried about it that we read it everyday every time and it bothers us since we can’t see the future or we don’t know what there in the future for us.media ,politicians ,leaders,wealthy people they are all part of the system,they make the truth which we ( common man ) follows,what we fail to see is its not really the truth which is happening behind the scene.god has given us free will ,so why not use it to make your life beautiful.you can still get away from the war if you want to, you can still live a life full of joy ,full of love and full of life if you want to only if you do decide to get away from the misery,i control my destiny and i know what i want and i know what i want to inject in myself in my skin,which only makes glow and makes me shine that’s the kind of truth i will take.

  3. Dezz

    I’m with you here Alesya: the world should go on a strict negativity-free diet and cut on the amount of bad news they let in their minds, souls and LIVES!

    Last year my three-year-old son dropped a tv set down on the floor. We never cared to have another one, and we’re feeling much better and optimistic. Television is a huuuuge source of negativity. I even think now that my son made a smart unconscious choice for the entire family!!

    People, get rid of television and websites focused on bad news and BE HAPPY!!!

    • Yessss! That’s what I’m talking about 😀

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