I knew it, I knew it! Don’t have a microwave at home.



  1. Mark

    Was the microwaved water allowed a cooling period before it was poured onto the plant?

    Was the microwaved water also purified before microwaving?

    • Hey, Mark, I don’t really know, as I have only reblogged this post.
      You may want to ask the original poster 😉

  2. Sophi

    Microwaved water IS purified water. “Microwaves” kill everything and change the genetic structure. Read the WHOLE report. Both the stove top and microwaved water were allowed to cool.

  3. Water is extremely flexible, it reacts even to the sound of music, emotions, etc. (has anyone read “The Secret Life of Water?”). I think, it has to react to the waves in a microwave. And, as everything is essentially made of water…

    As for me, I don’t own a microwave, cause I think it’s properties have not been thoroughly studied yet. On a nano-physical level, I mean.

  4. Tad
    • Tad, thanks for the link.

      However, saying that “water is just water after all” is superficial at best. I will still try NOT to use the microwave until more in-depth tests are done. Call it my intuition or whatever, it’s my choice and it’s based on my knowledge of a more subtle version of the universe.

      Have you ever observed how water responds to hard rock music? To positive emotions? Water is the most responsive thing in the physical world, it’s a universal carrier of information. Drinking “dead” water may not kill you, but will certainly not help you. It could be that the unfortunate plant in the science fair project had its immune system weakened due to being watered with disstructured water, while the plants in the other experiment were just too strong to be affected by the negative influence of microwaved water (which has not been proven, I know, but to me, neither has it been refuted).

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