Why “Occupy Wall Street” and Similar Movements Won’t Work

occupy wall street collage - the 100%Occupy Wall Street… I’ve largely supported the movement ever since it began.  Basically because it makes people think about something else besides their food, clothes and laptops (iPads), makes them question things and dispels the myth that America is a democratic society (meaning that people have power in America).

However, I think that OWS will not work, because:

– Its goal is rather superficial and, even if it’s reached, this will NOT solve the problem the movement is trying to tackle

– The protesters are quite unorganized and uncoordinated, and there’s no solid strategy as to how the movement is supposed to progress

– MAIN REASON: The protesters seem to fail to realize that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. They, the rich they are protesting against and the police who are being them are ALL PART OF ONE SYSTEM.

Well, you cannot change the system by merely redistributing the roles. This will not work. The system will remain the same. The vicious circle will not be broken.

You always start with yourself…

We are all responsible for this. Even though it doesn’t look like it at the first sight, we all are. We are the 100%, and we are all in this together (sorry if I’m saying this too much).

We have supported this decaying system for hundreds of years by falling for the different tricks it has been using to sustain itself. This system depends on slaves, addicts and cowards. In a way, we are all enslaved, addicted to something or afraid of something. No matter how much we wish this wasn’t true, sadly, it is.

Just think about it. We do not really belong to ourself. From the moment we are born, we’re already “branded”. We all have a citizenship, liabilities, etc. We are forced into doing the things we don’t wanna do to survive. We are made believe that we need the things we don’t really need, and are tricked into ever wanting more and consuming more.

So, by being ok with this way of life and by turning a blind eye to the fact that something is inherently wrong with all this, we have supported this system for a very long time. So, now, it’s a bit naive to think that things will miraculously change once we remove one part of the equation – the rich – from the picture.

Understanding the way the 1% “think”

And, again, we are all in this together, some decayed more than others. Not long ago, I watched a video on YouTube about some people protesting against the atrocities at Guantanamo Bay. One of the protesters had a slogan that read “Who would Jesus torture?”.

Well, the ruling class are not Jesus and they know it. The key to any movement’s success if to understand how you can influence those you’re protesting against. In the case of OWS, this means understanding “the 1%”.

So far all I see is misunderstanding and hostility towards the 1%. Imagine if Jesus came to you and said “You have done wrong and I hate you for that. I’m gonna destroy you right now.”

What if, instead of endlessly expressing our indignation with the rich, we said “OK, guys, we ALL messed up. You probably more than us. You’ve been the abusers, we’ve been the abused, but now let’s just fix it, let’s just get it right”.

Believe me, the ruling class don’t know what they are doing either. In a way, they are also enslaved and brainwashed. However, they don’t see it. They are also “made believe”. They are also programmed. Government officials look to me like robots more than anybody.

A way out?

Well, I guess there would be little point being all utopical if I didn’t offer any solution of my own, would it? So, here is what I think that could be done.

I’m gonna repeat myself just one more time, but a way out would be TO START WITH OURSELVES. Begin living the society you want to become. Consuming what you really want and what you really need. Being yourself  more often than not. Being human, not a robot. Understanding that we’re all in this together.

Stop contributing to the government’s industries that keep people addicted to things: pop culture and irritainment, obsession with food, fashion and technology, a blind reliance on healthcare. Do you really must have that new iPhone? If you knew there were NO DOCTORS and NO MEDICINE, would you pay more attention to your health?

I guess you could continue the list yourself.


6 thoughts on “Why “Occupy Wall Street” and Similar Movements Won’t Work

  1. Extremely good post and very thought provocative.i am moved indeed by this.it does makes me think,makes we wonder how much i have contributed to all this.is it not possible to live like just being me ? why i need this galaxy tab,flashy car,laptops,american citizenship ? can’t i live without all this and just being me.unfortunately the answer is no.i am only a part of the system,where people follow one line and thousands join,where people fall into a race to win with no plans with no ideas with no strategy but still they want to win.i see this all the time happening around me,but what i should do to avoid it ? may be i should gain something from this post and may be i should make that change which will really make some change.

    1. I’m glad that people seem to be getting the message )))
      Also, even if now the answer is no, it may change some day. It changes together with one’s attitude and values. Then your behavior changes automatically, in a natural way.

  2. I was quickly turned off by OWS, as I learned how much politicians, like Soros & Unions, are funding these ‘protesters.’ A quick comparison is warranted to the past: protests opposed the VietNam war, which was somewhat effective, and supported RIGHTS of Blacks to equal freedoms, which was HIGHLY effective. In some sense, our democracy prevailed here. BOTH those movements worked specifically for ethical improvement in the lives of ALL Americans. Protesters then risked jail, with its blemish on their record, which hindered their professional progress. But it was a valid fight.

    These current protesters seem incoherent, merely decrying abuses, rightly so. They seem disposed to support more gov’t laws to remedy past abuses, but don’t really invest any effort to learn what might work.

    Just this past week, I had a wake-up call: A young lady, 20s, entered the court house to find how to clear her record, & return to her normal life. She had no idea what she had done. Turns out she was issued one of the harshest papers, even though she was not literally arrested, she was ‘deemed’ arrested. She’ll finish by pleading not guilty, though she probably was guilty, being part of the crowd, and pay a small fine, < $100. But for her future: every job application, she'll need to submit a DISPOSITION of her case, only costs $10, but can take an hour or so waiting. It may cause her to fail being hired for some jobs, who knows. These offenses occur too often in USA, but people survive. THIS, however has occured because politicians, MOSTLY supportive of Obama, have funded protests, EXPLOITING university students, et al, to confront the police. Most police don't want to give a young person an arrest record, they know she's not intending to break any serious law, nor harm anyone. & most of us in court will work hard to squelch the case, but not always possible.

    Basically, these protests are another disgusting example of the greed of politicians, here exploiting innocent, in a vain attempt to accomplsih…. they can't really specify.

    IF the youngsters learn what's at stake, they'd start with their own DIRECT efforts, and get more involved in 'do good' work, feed the poor, teach the young, minister to the homeless schizophrenics US released from hospitals 'for their own good' decades ago… but REALLY released because these people had no elected representatives twho cared for their welfare. There are many groups who take on this work… google 'Dorothy Day' or Covenant House, their names are legion!

    'who would Jesus torture' may be better asked … 'what would Jesus DO?'
    One great model was Francis of Assisi, who developed quite a following, who ALL gave whatever they had to help the poor, to the embarassment of his family… That is one way, which less than 1% might be able to follow, but we can all come closer to that model. I DON'T, maybe never will, but I always try at least a little… maybe one day I'll manage more, but I won't do it camping out on other's property, confronting police, who have been taken from neighborhoods where they are needed… to monitor these protests. ADDING expenses for cities that don't have much money, and most citizens reject paying more taxes… for what? Gov't subsidized irritainment like PBS?

    1. I just wanted to clarify that by “similar movements” I meant similarly unorganized and superficial ones. That certainly does NOT include rights movements…

      Also, that’s some important info you share RE the consequences of taking part in OWS. I’m not saying that one should be scared or anything. I just think it’s best to weight all the pros and cons before taking up this cause.

      Great analysis, thanks!

  3. Now, will there be a story telling an ancient charming tale of a tree(s) perhaps in a storm? Or did I miss that already?

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