The power of group meditation

“If one person wanted another sun to appear in the sky, nothing would happen. But if enough people want it, another sun will appear…”

The power of group meditation is huge. It can lead to visible changes in the material world, as well as influence the cause of events.

The thought is an electro-magnetic field that’s generated by our brain. But it’s also filled with information. The information part of the human thought does not belong to our material world. BTW, what makes human beings different from other living species is that other living species are guided by the Universal Mind. While every human being has a mind of his/her own.

The potential of a single human thought is big. It can be enough for one person to bring about visible changes in his/her own body and have control over the cause of his life. The reason for some (actually, most) people not having full control of their lives’ events is that they have contradictory, devastating or lies-polluted thoughts. Only a thought that comes straight from your heart is strong enough to influence your life. Fake thoughts, generated by your mind in response to the mass culture programming are pretty much futile. They only work to complete the artificial programs they are part of. So, think with your heart. Emotions add potential to your thoughts, and love carries with it the biggest potential.

But, as powerful as an individual thought may be, united thoughts of many people are times more powerful. If thousands of people focus on one and the same thing, the potential of their collective thought will be immense. Their collective thought will create a powerful and relatively stable electro-magnetic field. On that note, only positive emotions add strength to your thoughts. Thoughts of an angry person are feeble, bring chaos to his/her inner world, which does not allow one to concentrate. Thus, only positive and genuine emotions give your thoughts real strength.

Most people have experienced the influence of the collective thought in their lives. When one goes out to a really nice event, they often speak of the atmosphere, the energy or the good vibes palpable at that event. This is the collective thought at work.

There have been and are stories of the collective thought “working miracles”. On the one hand, there is no such thing as a miracle))) On the other hand, everything is a miracle, and things we don’t yet know become even more miraculously attractive.

A lot of practitioners of different spiritual, religious and other causes (unfortunately, due to the redundant “human” component in different causes, they are less effective) have experienced miraculous healings as the result of a group prayer, a meditation or whatever you may call it. It is actually a conversation with the Universal Mind, because each individual consciousness is part of It.

You may as well be skeptical about it. Skepticism is good when balanced by open-mindedness. I’d like to say that skepticism comes from the brain, while faith comes from the heart. Well, a sane person does not blindly trust everything he/she is told. But an open-minded person admits that anything is possible and is not going to disbelieve things just because of the lack of evidence.

But, how come thoughts can influence matter? Matter is also an electro-magnetic field, filled with information, just like the thought. It’s the result of the thought of the Universal Mind (and, I’d say, the Universal Love ))). The difference between matter and thought lies in the frequency of their vibrations, but they are similar in nature.

The easiest way to see how thought effects matter is to experiment with water. However, this may be not necessary, since Masaru Emoto makes a perfect case for the impact that information has on water in his “The Secret Life of Water”. And, because the human body consists largely of water, it’s obvious that “charging” water with a certain kind of information will have a certain effect on one’s body (and soul).

But there is a reason why I wanted to talk about group meditation – we need it. We might need it quite bad and really soon. As the humanity we have also lost control over our common fate. As the mankind we do not make choices together – they are made for us. It’s very hard to synchronize the thoughts of a big group of people, but it is possible. And the first step to this is the realization of how powerful the collective thought is.



  1. powerful article on group meditation and strength of collective thinking.i can’t control all of my thoughts ,in this case thoughts controls my actions and more than often my actions conflict with the actions of leads to dissatisfaction and before i ask a question what is happening i realize that others are also doing the same what i am doing.if universal mind is there i have already communicated with it and if my fate has been decided already, there is no more communication required.what i do here on earth defines my there gona be conflict between me and universal mind.lets see.

  2. I can only say that the Universal Mind decided to give people the right to define their destiny themselves. People have free will. Unike animals, who act on instinct (are completely guided by the Universal Mind). Because they have free will, people can choose whether to be good or evil. BTW, that’s why only people can destroy the evil, not the Universe. Because if the Universe were to destroy it, It would have to destroy the people who brought it about…
    So, the Universal Mind is not in charge of any person’s destiny, every person makes his/her own choices. The future is never 100% shaped, not until it becomes the past.
    And, one more thing, the Universe does not punish anybody individually. It’s the Universal Law that punishes people. Or we may say that it’s ignorance, or not knowing the Universal Law that does it.


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