Our world is just an elaborate illusion

I think, our world is nothing but an illusion created by the Universal Mind. Everything that exists is, kind of, located inside Its head, like a dream that exists in the head of a human being. A human dream is not real (any sane person will tell you that dreams are not real), but still, when we dream, we see colors, hear voices, recognize faces, fly, jump and what not.The only thing that’s missing in a dream is the tactile sense. But, again, we have it in our “real” world only because impulses are sent to certain analytical centers in our brain. Are we being tricked here as well?

Now, what is a cloud made of? It’s made of water and other chemical substances. Substances consist of smaller particles that can be further divided into even smaller constituents until we get to what stands behind the smallest further indivisible material particle – the vacuum, the so-called dark matter. This means that everything in our world essentially consists of… nothing.

Is it really nothing or is the dark matter also material? Well, it kind of is and is not at the same time. It’s a gateway through which the energy and information, streaming from the Universal Mind, gets into our world, shaping the grand illusion aka the material world.

But how come matter is organized according to a certain pattern? Well, it’s not just unfinished or contradictory thoughts of Universal Mind that shape our reality – it’s carefully thought out programs that can be compared to those humans run on their computers. Computer programs are designed to perform certain tasks, so, the matrixes created by the Universal Mind also shape the material world in a certain way.

OK, maybe I should not use the word “illusion”, it sounds a bit creepy. My point is that information is primary, matter is secondary, and I think every person in this world has the potential to alter the material world. This potential is not as big as the potential of the Universal Mind, but, perhaps, if thousands of people focus on one and the same thought, it may happen so that their mental energy will be enough to produce visible changes to our material reality.


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