Going Vegetarian: Day 2

Ok, I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again – going vegetarian. Let’s see if it works this time (I’ll keep you, well, posted ;))

There are many reasons why I’m trying to accomplish this. Long time ago, inspired by some article that advocated vegetarian lifestyle, I tried to stay clean of meat for about 2-3 weeks and I was feeling great! My only concern was a constant necessity to replace meat with something that contains similar nutrients, which was hard to do.

Well, for those new to the subject, human stomach is not designed to digest meat (when I say meat, I mean fish and seafood that’s similar to it. I thought I’d specify). It’s much bigger than the one of the beast of prey. So, food remains in a human stomach much longer, and, if you eat meat, it kind of starts getting spoilt before it gets fully digested. While the beast of prey has a much smaller stomach that digests meat without a problem, it’s designed for that.

Also, a study conducted by a group of scientists discovered that human beings most likely did not use to eat meat in pre-historic times. This was deduced by analyzing the way the teeth of the skeletons they investigated were worn out. The scientists arrived at the conclusion that people who possessed those teeth ate primarily vegetarian food.

But that’s actually not what has been the driving force behind my attempts to become a vegetarian. My main reason (ok, someone might find this idea mystical or irrational), is that, I believe, the fear and the despair of slaughtered animals is passed on to those who eat their meat. Studies reveal that, when the animal is being slaughtered, certain hormones get released into its system. And this is what we get with our meat.

So, this time I’m really determined, let’s see how it goes. The main problem, again, is finding something to eat instead of meat, for which you really have to change your eating habits big time. Well, I have already done some animal-friendly food shopping and got myself beans, nuts, honey, cottage cheese, etc.

So far it’s been only two days, and, I gotta say, I’m already seeing the results, I’m feeling better, I’m more at peace and experience fits of unconditional joy (which has always been characteistic of my vegetarian endeavos). But I’m prepared to hit the wall, cause that’s what happened last time. So let’s see how it goes 😉


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