Why Leos are such show-offs

After being into astrology for so many years, I noticed that in most astrology books Leos are described as “proud show-offs”. Maybe they don’t put it that way, but they mean it. I’m a Leo myself, and I have to admit that this is pretty much true – I’m proud and I like attention. I’ve also observed the same in my Leo friends.

But then I got curious, why are Leos that way? Why is any zodiac sign the way it is?

Well, everything happens for a reason. And I think that zodiac signs are only half-understood nowadays, because nobody looks for a reason. They just say “the Virgo is caring, the Taurus is stubborn”, but very few attempt to understand why.

I believe that every zodiac sign is born with a mission, just like every person is born with a mission. That’s why we are all different, we complement each other.

Some astrologists investigate the mission of each sign. For instance, the Scorpio is said to be a “purifier” – the one who brings progress through destruction and pushes the boundaries of human nature by exposing human vices. The Scorpio is like a mirror in which everybody sees his ugly side. That’s why they are notoriously vindictive – they want wrongdoers to realize what it feels like to be treated the way they treated Scorpios. To perform their mission, Scorpios are born amazing psychologists.  One of my favorite writers –Dostoyevsky, who was a Scorpio – was a great connoisseur of human nature and a great psychologist.

Well, now back to Leos.

Leos are said to be the “impersonators”. Their mission is to develop the best and the strongest sides of their human nature to the maximum and later exhibit them for everyone else to see. They are born to glorify human beings as a kind. That’s why they constantly seek attention.

Every Leo will tell you they got a feeling they’re dealing with something great. And this great thing is not themselves, but something else working in them. And it’s their duty to show it to the rest of the world by getting into the spotlight. This often makes Leos centered on themselves, but in fact, it’s not themselves they are centered on, it’s something IN them.

Leos can’t afford to make mistakes and do things that disgrace them, just because they got this “Leo” brand to protect.  It’s quite a complicated psychological mechanism at work here. Leos are not brave because they are brave, but because they can’t afford to be coward, they are not afraid of being laughed at because they are proud, but because they can’t tolerate people laughing at the things they stand for.

To perform their mission, Leos are blessed with substantial self-confidence (that sometimes goes over the top) and a big creative potential. They make good actors, public figures and such, whatever makes them the center of attention.

Another thing about Leos that makes other zodiac folks raise their eyebrows is Leos constantly seeking approval and praise. I think that’s because this is how Leos know if they are succeeding in their mission or not. If things they impersonate make jaws drop – this means they managed, if not, then not.

Of course, by far not all Leos succeed. Actually, very few representatives of any sign ever fully succeed in their missions, but, as human beings, we are constantly evolving, we are getting somewhere with this. The idea is to have understanding for one another and to realize that everyone is doing their part of work 😉


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  1. This is such a lovely, encouraging view of Leos, and it came to me at just the right moment in my life! I love your positive outlook. Have you written more?

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