Funny “blonde” moments in my life

On my first day blogging, I decided to drop a few lines about funny blonde moments in my life.

What’s a blonde moment? It’s when you try to light a cigarette with a stapler or start dialing a phone number on your keyboard instead of your cell phone (that actually happened to me). These are also called “blank” moments.

When I had my first blonde moment I was laughing like crazy. Now, after I’ve had quite a bunch of them (grin), I don’t think that was the funniest one, but still…

I was returning from work, tired  and deep in thought. I came up to my front door, took out my metro card (which was plastic, square and flat) and seriously attempted to open the door with it. To my utmost embarrassment, it took me a minute to realize what was wrong, then I couldn’t stop laughing )))

Another “bleached” moment happened to me after one more exhausting day at work. I  called the guy I was dating at that time. The phone rang , and rang, and rang. He wasn’t picking up. Then came the beep, after which I should had left a message. But, instead, I went like “hello?” I don’t know what made me think someone had called me ))) lol

The most recent blonde moment included me trying to open the door to the changing room at the gym  with a locker key for my locker ))) And the door wasn’t even locked, it just had a keyhole… Yeah,  i had  multiple witnesses this time. Such is life!

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